Behind the Thai Crisis


Rikhardinkatu 3, 00099 Helsinki

Sunday, 10 April, 13.00 hrs



Welcome: Tove Selin, Chairwoman, Finnish Asiatic Society.
Presentation: Junya ‘Lek’ Yimprasert, Action for People’s Democracy in Thailand.

April 10 marks one year since PM Abhisit Vejjajiva launched his monarcho-military crack-down on the Red Shirt Protest Camp at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok in 2010, where, on that day, 19 protesters and one Japanese journalist were shot and 5 soldiers died. By the time the crackdown ended, on 19 May, 90 civilians had died on the streets, 78 shot by the Royal Thai Army.

The Red Shirts are not communists aiming to terminate monarchy. They are a part of the vanguard of a broad-based social uprising against political corruption and royalist double-standards.

Lek is a labour and gender rights activist who has travelled the world to build understanding between working people of the mechanisms and impacts of neo-liberal, global supply-chains on means of livelihood. Concerning Thailand she says:

“Endless decades of militarised dictatorship have reduced the wonderful cultural and biological diversity of our country to a state of sorry apologies. All people are subjected to the royalist definition of ‘thainess’ and a highly spurious concept called ‘Sufficiency Economy’. Discussing the role of the monarchy in the governance of Thailand can no longer be avoided. It is long past time for the people of Thailand, and the people of the world, to speak up and inform the Thai Monarchy and Privy Council that enough is enough. The game of absolute monarchy must end. The people of Thailand want a full-blooded democracy, so that they can become fit again to face our global crises.”

As Thailand in turmoil calls for understanding, Lek’s presentation will take a look back into why and how the Monarchy, Privy Council and Royal Thai Armed Forces have been sabotaging the democratic process for more than six decades, and present suggestions about how institutionalised ‘Fear of Monarchy’ can be overcome through purposeful solidarity.

Organised by Action for People’s Democracy in Thailand (ACT4DEM / Finland) in cooperation with the Aasian ystavät ry (Finnish Asiatic Society), Suomen AEPF (Finnish Asia-Europe People’s Forum). E-mail.


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